Welcome to this wiki! We will be sharing our experiences from the learning journey to GSK facilities located in Singapore.

We strongly encourage all students who are interested in pharmaceutical science and chemical engineering and willing to commit to learn more about the complexities and challenges faced by the scientists and engineers at the company. You will also witness how these challenges provide opportunities for breakthrough discoveries.

"Do more, feel better, live longer" - the philosophy behind GSK. GSK wants to "do more" so that customers have wider choices of pharmaceuticals to choose from and, in turn, "feel better" and "live longer". A pharmaceutical giant with a heart for the world, we believe that GSK focuses very much on looking after the interests of the people. This echoes the "Win-Win" philosophy of Hwa Chong. Such responsibility and focus on ethics are truly the hallmarks of a brilliant company.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at this Wiki!

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